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“Hello,” I replied, and held out my documents. He slowly began to study them.

The other two came up and began to examine the corpse and the front of my cars.

— What is there? The sergeant turned to them.

- Everything is clear, Lyosha. Zhmurik. Call the hearse

- Sure? He glanced at the corpse in disdain.

- Yes. See for yourself if in doubt.

- It's so clear. The sergeant unhooked his radio and began to report. Behind carefully approached the crew of "Moskvich". Having reported

The sergeant turned off the radio and looked at them.

- Did you call the outfit?

“Yes,” said the young man.

"Me," the elder confirmed.

- Dictate your data ... Do you have any documents?

— But how! - The driver of the Moskvich held out his license and began to describe the details of the incident, and those that he could not even see. And he began with the fact that “I woke up, which means that today in the country - my lower back hurts. Well, I don't think it's good!" Nobody was interested in listening to all this, so the sergeant, having written down the addresses and names, thanked the citizens for their activity and suggested that they go about their business. Then he took me seriously.



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