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Music by Matti Kovler, Book by Aya Lavie, Lyrics by Aya Lavie & Matti Kovler,


English translation by Spencer Garfield, directed by  Doug Fitch

a musical fable


At the Underbelly, Cowgate

August  24th 


August  11th 


A  reimagining of Hansel and Gretel, Ami and Tami tells the story of two siblings longing to leave their overbearing parents and find adventure in the enchanted woods.

Join Ami and Tami as their journey unfolds and discover how the power

of imagination can bring a family together.



“A buoyant, tuneful musical fable”​


—  Penny Schwartz, Boston Globe

“A rare breed. Truly conceived for the entire family”​


—  Carole Hyatt,

Emmy-award winning producer of children specials on CBS TV


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