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12 - 4 pm

May  14th 

    An immersive music and theatre production experienced over 4 hours, The Happening celebrates the much awaited opening of Turn Park Art Space, 

in the Berkshires, by leading audience members on a winding quest through its grounds, installations and performance spaces. 


   Musicians, mimes, troubadours and children will transform Turn Park into a glittering otherworld. As the audience travels through different routes, they too have a role to play as a witness, as a participant, perhaps even as a character. 

  Founded  as a place of exploration for adults and children, Turn Park Art Space will feature ongoing exhibitions, a live performance program and site-specific children’s areas. The Happening incorporates all of these elements and more, highlighting the beauty of the physical space and the interaction of various art forms.

Turn Park Art Space
2 Moscow Road,
West Stockbridge, MA 01266

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