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Fresh From The Oven: New Music Videos for Quill of the Soul

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Today we are proud to introduce 4 freshly recorded music videos with new arrangements from our 2015 "Quill of the Soul," Hassidic Nigguns Meet Other World Incantations. The show reimagines Jewish folk music in a more inclusive context of world cultures: Yiddish and Carnatic improvisation are melded together by Deepti Navaratna, while Parham Haghighi sings texts from Psalms in fluent Hebrew with Persian ornamentation.

These selections were commissioned by the Jewish Federations of North America for their FedPro2021 conference. The pandemic hasn't been easy on performing arts organizations, and so we are especially grateful to JFNA —and personally to Jessica Balboni —for their support.

Filming took place in New York and Bengaluru City, India (where our soloist Deepti Navaratna is located), with masterful editing by the NYC-based Studio42.

A special note of thanks to the Chairman of our Board, Stephen Friedlaender, who graciously hosted the rehearsals at his home in Cambridge, MA, and to Mike Dupler from the Blue Building, our home-base in New York, for his continued generosity in accommodating us. We hope you enjoy the videos, and please feel free to share!

Mátti & Floating Tower team

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Absolutely gorgeous❤️!!!

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