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A modern twist on Hansel and Gretel, the musical fable tells the story of two siblings longing to rebel against their overbearing parents and escape into a world of fantasy. Guided by the talkative Imf in the course of one magical night, Ami and Tami undergo a journey through the Enchanted Forest. In their dream, Father is transformed into a not-terribly-scary Ogre, and Mother into Yaga the Witch, the entrepreneurial owner of a fancy restaurant. 


Filled with wordplay and humor, Ami & Tami features wide-ranging types of vocal delivery (from the cartoon-inspired to the operatic). The musical numbers are tied together by common melodic threads within a rich orchestral palette that transports the listener off into a musical dream-world— to ignite our most creative force, our imagination.


Sonya Hamlin

Ami & Tami

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